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Saturday, 08 November 2014

The Company

Since 2006, CMS Windows has enjoyed significant and continued success as one of Scotland's market leading manufacturers and installers of PVCU, Aluminium and timber hybrid, window, door and curtain walling systems. The company employs in excess of 200 full time staff at specialist manufacturing and recycling facilities in North Lanarkshire and Fife.

By employing first class workmanship, customer care and product excellence CMS ensure they remain at the forefront within their industry, counting among others, local authorities, housing associations and utility companies amongst their valued list of clients. The company relies heavily on their IT systems to deliver the services their staff require to support this growing business. Red Mosquito have been working with CMS Windows for over 4 years helping to develop and underpinning their growth with our IT expertise.

The Issues

When Red Mosquito started working with CMS in early 2011 our first task was to fully understand a complex business and the needs of its employees. Our engineers spent days on site auditing equipment and asking questions and building a picture of what was there and what was needed. We understood that the business was at the start of a period of rapid growth and we immediately identified issues with some legacy systems that would need to be addressed in order to expand. To add to the complexity of the task CMS management had identified the need to expand the physical premises that the business operated from and so the IT systems had to partially re-locate.

The strategy

As a growing business it was necessary for us to work with the customer very closely to put in place a system that not only was entirely suited to its daily operations but that was able to scale and grow with the business as time went on. In addition it was critical that any system upgrades or migrations were done with no disruption to the manufacturing process. Red Mosquito recommended the migration of the existing systems to a virtualisation platform based on Microsoft Hyper-V. Moving in to another large manufacturing site close to the main office at the same time as the software and hardware platform was being virtualised also presented an ideal opportunity to provide a robust disaster recovery solution.

The Actions

On a phased basis over a period of three months Red Mosquito's engineers migrated five live servers including ERP and E-mail servers over to Microsoft Hyper-V. We installed a fibre-optic link between the existing and new manufacturing facilities over a distance of 200m and we set up a replica of the main systems in the new premises as a disaster recovery facility . Now, if any problems occur with any of the live servers and they have to be taken offline the system gracefully fails over to the replica version of the server, complete with live up-to-date data, so that there is minimal downtime while the issue is being fixed. This failover facility works in addition to a full backup so that disaster recovery and business continuity is in hand, whatever the eventuality. CMS Windows now has the business platform it needs to continue its success and expansion in to the future and we are very proud to be a part of that.


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    When Red Mosquito started working with CMS in early 2011 our first task was to fully understand a complex business and the needs of its employees....