Human Risk Management


Human Risk Management - Human Risk Management

Human Risk Management is all about assessing and reducing the security risks posed by the people in your workplace.

These risks can often come from accidents and human-error, or users being tricked into causing a security breach — sometimes called ‘phishing’. In fact, over 35% of data breaches involve phishing, and over 90% were caused by human error.

The potential risk of data-loss or downtime makes security-awareness training important for any organisation. It is also vital for meeting GDPR regulations and standards such as ISO 27001.

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Red Mosquito can bring our security-savvy to your team

Anti-phishing measures and simulated attacks

Empower your teams to avoid even the most sophisticated phishing dangers, through our simulated attacks. These simulations can be customised to your business, and measured for training purposes.

Engaging security-awareness courses

We can deliver bite-sized interactive and video training courses covering up-to-date safety practices. These help to keep your team aware of common dangers and mishaps.

Compromised password detection

Reduce the chances of an attack by detecting when username and passwords are stolen and made available to hackers.

IT policy management

Keep teams aware of your IT policies using our policy document templates, and automatically keep track of when approvals are signed-off by your staff.

Team risk analytics and scoring

Get a quick overview of your team’s risk level, through the use of our easy-to-read tracker that combines all your team’s individual risk metrics. Or dig deep into your team’s performance using profiles, trend analysis and custom-queries.

Demonstrate your compliance

Showcase your compliance efforts with real-time reporting on how your business is addressing human risk. These can be used to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and legal obligations, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR.


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