Insider threat detection


Insider threat detection - Protection from the enemy within

An insider threat is any threat that exists within your company network.

Insider-threat detection software constantly monitors your network and alerts you to any unusual behaviour – for example, the theft of intellectual property or other important data on your network.

Why do you need insider threat detection?

You store more valuable – and sensitive – data than you think

Customer contact details. Staff payroll data. Client invoices. What would happen if this data was stolen from your network? You need to protect precious information from employees with a chip on their shoulder, third parties who have been offered a financial incentive from a competitor or anyone who simply wants to create havoc.

You rely on both data and software

Organisations increasingly rely on data, proprietary code and other digital intellectual property such as client details and case notes. Without adequate insider-threat detection measures in place, this data could easily be copied to a USB drive or even emailed to someone outside your organisation.

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The benefits of insider-threat detection

Get timely – and accurate – alerts when threats are detected

Our advanced software uses artificial intelligence techniques to learn the standard behaviour-patterns of users on your network. Any unexpected and suspicious behaviour can be detected quickly, giving Network Administrators early warning of any potential threats.

Helps you to achieve and maintain data-protection compliance

GDPR and data-protection legislation means that it’s more important than ever to safeguard your – and your customers – personal and sensitive data. Insider threat detection helps you to keep on top of any internal threats before they become legal headaches.

See threats before they become breaches

Learn user behaviour patterns and detect suspicious behaviours before these result in data loss. Send network administrators alerts when suspicious activity is detected.

Have complete visibility of your data from any place in the world

The system tells you where your business-critical data is going, even when it’s headed outside your networks. It tracks file uploads and downloads from a user’s endpoint to any network location – including other computers on the local network, computers across the internet and even websites or services such as Google Drive.


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