Security auditing & testing


Security auditing & testing - Finding problems before they become catastrophes

Before you can fix a problem, you need to know it exists. Our comprehensive security auditing and testing service ensures that we uncover any vulnerabilities and security holes in your network… before someone else does.

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Our in-depth auditing process

Protect your assets, guard against downtime, and sleep better at night.

Our non-intrusive security software runs quietly on your business network. We crunch the collected data and produce a comprehensive set of reports identifying all the risks and vulnerabilities we find. We then sit down with you to explain the output in plain English and to put in place a bespoke plan to remediate any issues found.

We leave no stone unturned.

Analysing your whole network – every corner of it – we discover every device on it, and identify every service it uses.

We resolve all the known issues… and the unknown ones.

Researching and investigating any known weaknesses of your networked devices and services we put suitable fixes in place.

We strengthen your defences.

Many devices and services rely on common, simple or default passwords and configurations which can be easily exploited. We identify these and replace them with robust alternatives.

We report our findings and help you plan for the future.

After we help you to resolve any security flaws identified we put systems and processes in place to fix any holes in your compliance, and making recommendations – in plain English – we help your organisation avoid future risks.


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