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Digital Development Loans

The Scottish Government has launched an interest free Digital Development Loan scheme.  It aims to support SMEs  in improving their digital capabilities in cyber security, data analytics, software engineering and staff skills. The 0% interest rate loan should help businesses meet the front loaded costs of upgrading their technology and skills. A total of £2 million is available and the maximum loan is £50,000.

The main criteria for a Digital Development Loan are:

  • The business must be located in Scotland
  • Applicants must be over 18 with right to work in the UK
  • Business must employ less than 250 people and have an annual turnover of less than €50m and/or an annual balance sheet total less than €43m
  • Must be trading more than 6 months
  • Purpose must be to improve digital capacity/capability

You can apply for a Digital Development Loan online here.

Our IT Support customers throughout Scotland, will welcome this scheme which provides much needed support for SMEs to rise to the complex cyber security challenges faced by modern day businesses. Cyber criminal’s attacks are often uncoordinated strikes which hit businesses of all sizes and can destroy SMEs in one fell swoop. We are happy to provide advice and guidance on the IT security SMEs should have in place to protect their network. Contact us today for a free and no obligation chat about the best next step your company should take to address your cyber security needs.

RedMosquito provides IT Support to SMEs across Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

Brexit IT Funding

Grant funding for Brexit related IT costs

From 29 July 2020 businesses can apply for IT grant funding to cover IT expenditure needed to meet the requirements of Brexit. Staged border controls will begin in January 2021, at the end of the transition period. The Government is making funding of £50 million available to help businesses prepare for the additional customs declarations which will come in to play at that […]

penetration testing

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing can be a useful tool for businesses to utilise as part of a cyber security audit.  Regular penetration testing will help your business identify any weaknesses, in your IT systems or applications, before they are exploited.   They can be a valuable tool in your multi-layered cyber security defence – if they are planned and executed properly! RedMosquito manages penetration testing for many of our IT […]

21 Jul 2020
Phishing Malware Email

Covid 19 Scams and Hacks on the Rise.

Recent reports say that the quantity of Covid 19 scams and hacks directed at homeworkers during the Coronavirus lockdown has grown considerably. The variation and sophistication of the attacks is also on the rise reported Darktrace in a recent article in The Guardian newspaper. Exploitation of homeworkers during the Covid 19 shutdown has increasingly become […]

23 Jun 2020