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Ransomware Data Recovery

Has your data been encrypted by a virus?

We can get it back for you.

Red Mosquito specialise in recovering data encrypted by ransomware/malware and have dealt with hundreds of cases across the globe in the last year alone. 


Business or individual, we can help recover your data quickly. To log an incident with our expert ransomware recovery team, please click the button below and complete the simple form:

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or call us on +44 (0)141 348 7959

Why Should I Trust Red Mosquito?

Dealing with a ransomware infection can be a stressful time and it is important that you entrust your valuable data to a reputable and trustworthy specialist such as Red Mosquito.

Red Mosquito have an excellent track record in recovering data for businesses and individuals that have fallen victim to computer ransomware such as Arena, Cesar, Locky or other Crypto ransomware. As a reputable and trusted UK company with 18 years of successful trading, we have provided effective data recovery solutions to hundreds of clients across the world.

So, what additional benefits can Red Mosquito provide?

  • Extensive experience and knowledge of ransomware and data recovery.
  • A skilled and dedicated ransomware guru to guide you through the recovery process quickly and easily.
  • NO RECOVERY NO FEE. If we cannot recover your data then there is no charge. Simple.
  • Quick and easy FREE evaluation. Simply complete our simple online form and we will assess your situation and report back to you as a priority.
  • 24/7 emergency ransomware recovery service.
  • International service. Wherever you are, we can help.
  • Client confidentiality guaranteed. We take client confidentiality extremely seriously and will protect your data and privacy at all times.
  • Outstanding customer reviews. As a security business we take pride in having an excellent reputation and rely on good customer feedback.

You can read (independently verified) customer comments here:

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What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of computer virus that restricts access to the computer system that it infects. Typically, it then demands a ransom be paid (in Bitcoins) with an offer to decrypt your data. Some forms of ransomware encrypt files on the system's hard drive whilst others lock the system and display a message designed to lure the victim into paying a ransom. Put simply, ransomware is a sophisticated form of extortion and is a global epidemic.

The following are some of the more common variants of ransomware:

  •   Zepto
  •   Odin
  •   Thor
  •   Cerber
  •   DMA Locker
  •   CrySiS
  •   Globe
  •   Nemucod
  •   CryptoLocker
  •   LeChiffre
  •   Dharma
  •   Arena (.ARENA)
  •   Locky
  •   CTB Locker
  •   Maktub
  •   CryptoWall
  •   TorrentLocker
  •   KeRanger
  •   CryptoHost
  •   TeslaCrypt
  •   Coverton
  •   Crypt0L0cker
  •   CrySiS
  •   Cesar (.CESAR)

For more information on ransomware and file encryption, please check out Wikipedia.

How do I know if my system is infected with Ransomware?

If you are infected with malware such as Arena, Cesar, Dharma or DMA Locker or similar ransomware you may experience the following:

  • Message advising you that your data has been encrypted and requesting that you to pay a ransom.
  • Desktop wallpaper changed.
  • Files won’t open.
  • Files have been renamed (or have new extensions added).
  • Applications won’t open.
  • Antivirus software is disabled.
  • Computer system locked down.
  • Computer system running slowly.

If you think your system has been infected with a ransomware virus...

What should I do if I experience Ransomware?

If the worst happens and you become infected with Cesar, Arena, Locky, Dharma or similar crypto malware, we advise that you perform an immediate shutdown of your computer in the normal manner. Do not press the power button since this may corrupt your data or system files further and delay repair.

Do not attempt to remove the ransomware. By running Antivirus or Malware removal software you may cause further damage and make decryption impossible.

Ransomware removal and the recovery of your valuable data should always be left to an experienced ransomware expert.

Red Mosquito have the knowledge and expertise to recover your data and completely remove all known forms of ransomware and malware. In most cases, we will recover 100% of the encrypted files.

Our data recovery decrypt process is quick, simple and entirely focussed on restoring your valuable data and getting your business back on track as quickly as possible.

Don’t Panic! Get in touch and we can help.

Whatever type of encryption ransomware virus or malware you are experiencing, the team at Red Mosquito can provide knowledgeable, friendly and honest advice. For a free evaluation, please click the button below and complete the simple form.

data recovery help



or call us on +44 (0)141 348 7959


The Red Mosquito Team
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