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Along with our IT support and Cloud Computing solutions Red Mosquito offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions and services which means we offer a one stop shop for all business IT requirements. We welcome all enquiries about any part of our service so call us now on 0141 348 7950 or fill in the form on our Contact Page.

Managed Services 

When you manage and support your own in-house physical or virtual server infrastructure it can prove a costly and time-consuming process. Red Mosquito managed support services keep your server environments reliable, efficient and in tune with your business objectives allowing you to concentrate on what's really important to you.

Where you require a dedicated server environment to meet security or compliance requirements, to lock down licensing costs or because you require a greater level of commercial and technical customisation, Red Mosquito's end-to-end solution bundles additional services with our technical support services to deliver a deeper level of management.

From patch management, managed backup and anti-virus to reporting, Red Mosquito delivers the managed services you need to ensure your business achieves a compliant, secure and efficient environment. Plus, our range of attended and unattended remote connectivity & remote control options makes it easy to help you quickly, wherever you are.

From managing and monitoring Windows and Mac devices, to mobile device management, to creating meaningful reports: Red Mosquito does it all for a single fixed price per month on a flexible contract.

Red Mosquito managed services save you valuable time, allow you to deliver excellence to your clients, and increasing your bottom line.

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Managed Services

Every business needs IT in some way or another. Investment in technology can bring real, tangible benefits, increasing both customer satisfaction and your bottom line. However the management of these systems can increase in complexity as your business grows. That's where Red Mosquito's Managed Services come in.

There's no point in installing an anti-virus or backup system if you can't readily and easily check that it is working optimally. Our 24/7 remote monitoring and management system connects to each of our managed services, continually checking, monitoring and updating and automatically alerting our Help Desk when things go wrong enabling us to put right any problems before they impact your business. We work away quietly in the background so that you can get on wth your job. With Red Mosquito your IT department is always in the loop.

Patch Management

Keeping your systems up to date with security patches and software updates is absolutely critical in the fight against todays cyber-criminals and hackers. From fixing security vulnerabilities to improving performance ñ keeping your systems current and secure can be time-consuming and costly.

With Red Mosquito's Patch Management service, we take control of your software environment to ensure everything is kept up to date on a rolling basis. We can implement a robust, monitored patch management system for both Windows and the most common 3rd Party Applications like Adobe Reader or Google Chrome, keeping your computers up-to-date and secure - permanently. We manage and implement the whole patch process from end to end, even taking care of rebooting your machines out of office hours to minimise disruption and with our comprehensive reporting abilities you can be kept up to date at any point with a high level jargon free overview of your systems status.

Patch management shouldn't be a chore, rely on your IT Support Team, call now 0141 348 7950.

Security Management

Anti-virus/anti-malware is a business imperative in todayís connected world. Red Mosquito's Security Management Service ensures your systems are protected by industry-leading technologies in Security Manager AV Defender ñ powered by Bitdefender.

Our managed service utilises advanced technology to protect your Windows devices from the latest security threats. Bitdefender technology consistently wins independent industry security tests.

AV Defender provides more than just antimalware protection. It includes a fully featured two-way firewall, intrusion detection, anti-phishing and user control. This comprehensive functionality is essential in blocking increasingly diverse threats from infecting end-user systems and server endpoints.

Our Security Management Service can also provide industrial strength web content filtering and spam filtering. We can advise on the optimum configuration to suit your business, your budget and your staff.

Stay protected, stay ahead. Get in touch now for more information. Call 0141 348 7950.

Managed Backup

When you are concentrating on running your business its easy to take your mind off the essentials of running your IT infrastructure, but few things are more important than protecting your precious data from loss. The Red Mosquito Managed Backup service delivers the backup technology you need to ensure you have the disaster recovery, business continuity, and file recovery services in place 24/7. We make it easier and more affordable to protect and restore your data across all your devices giving you complete peace of mind.

Our fully managed and monitored service gives you comprehensive data protection services and near-instantaneous recovery of your business-critical data with one phone call to our operations centre, where our experienced engineers have the ability to start the data recovery process remotely to new hardware or existing.

Successful companies rely on a backup that just works. Call now to get ahead of the curve - 0141 348 7950

Managed Mobile Devices

Managing mobile devices in the workplace can be an administrative nightmare for the untrained. With Red Mosquito's managed mobile device service we make it easy so you can rest assured that wherever your data ends up, your mobile devices are secure, appropriately configured and optimised.

Protect your business data wherever it is.

In this day and age critical company data is often carried on numerous different types of mobile device making their loss or theft potentially devastating to your business. With mobile device management from Red Mosquito, you can track the device using GPS or do a partial or full wipe of the device any time you or one of your staff run into trouble.

A problem solved with Red Mosquito Managed Mobile Device Services. Call now on 0141 348 7950..


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Formed in 1999 Red Mosquito provide a complete one-stop technical consultancy service offering managed services IT support, computer maintenance, computer networking and Cloud Services to businesses in Scotland and beyond. We operate as a complete outsourced IT department dealing with all of the day to day administration and configuration of our client's systems.

Based at our Operations Centre in Glasgow and in Edinburgh, we're in the business of providing top quality IT services driven by our passion for technology. Our team of experienced IT support engineers operates throughout Scotland keeping your servers and desktop computers running smoothly so that you can concentrate on what's really important - your business.

We are your IT department.

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