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Introducing MyGlue – our password management tool

Storing passwords on a post-it note stuck to your screen is never a good idea! Yet, if you allow your employees to make their own decisions on how they remember corporate passwords – then can you really be sure this isn’t happening within your workplace?! Bad habits around password management can create security risks and expose your network to a breach. The financial and reputation damage this could cause are well documented. Thankfully, there is an easy and affordable fix.

We are partnering with MyGlue to provide a password management tool which will store your company passwords securely in their vault. This service not only helps you secure your network but also saves wasted time and money in dealing with forgotten passwords, resets etc. Some of the key features it offers are:

  • A secure password storage area to manage corporate passwords
  • It will create robust passwords –so you’ll know that no’Password123′ types are in play
  • There is a clear audit log as every interaction within the site is recorded
  • Admin can control access and it helps streamline your security processes when dealing with leavers
  • You can retrieve a password without viewing it – secure from prying eyes
  • You can also share and synchronise passwords securely, so no one will be blocked from the most up to date password
  • Features such as multi-factor authentication enable you to increase security when required
  • Custom permissions can be created for each team member – thereby controlling which team member has access to which passwords
  • You can report on how old passwords are, who has access, what passwords were at a particular point in time etc

MyGlue can be used across multiple platforms and syncs with key software such as Office 365. It offers cross platform functionality at an affordable price, on a monthly per user model. We are pleased to be offering this services to our IT Support customers across Glasgow and Edinburgh. It can play a key role in their cyber-security defence. If you would like to explore, how this could work for your team, then get in touch.

We are recruiting: 3rd Line IT Support Engineer

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27 Sep 2021

Microsoft announce Passwordless Log-in

Passwords are a pain.  Microsoft’s announcement, this week, on ‘passwordless log-in’ details their plans to free us all from the relentless need to create new passwords, at least for our Microsoft accounts.  This bold move by Microsoft provokes a seismic shift in our thinking on passwords. Until now password creation has been a tiresome but essential feature […]

Why you need 2 factor authentication on your Microsoft 365 account

For many years now, users have securely accessed their Microsoft 365 email by entering a user-name and password.  This common everyday action, is secure – as long as no one knows your user name and password!  This approach worked for a long time but it has now fallen prey to cyber criminals.  The surge in […]