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Projects & Consultancy - All sorts of services for all sorts of customers

We’re more than an IT support company – RedMosquito does all sorts of work for all sorts of customers. The knowledge within our team enables us to provide expert consultancy on all business technologies to a wide range of sectors and customer-types.

Being a small independent company we are flexible and able to move fast ensuring we can quickly deliver the correct solution which exactly meets your requirements, whatever your industry.

When a major upgrade or roll-out becomes necessary in any business it commonly occurs infrequently. It’s often the case that the specialist knowledge required does not exist in the organisation. Because we work on things like this daily we can provide the necessary insight and experience on any individual project that your organisation is undertaking, or individual services that you might be considering – helping you to make the right choices and avoid the unseen pitfalls.. 

And when you need to boost your capabilities, RedMosquito can bring our skilled team directly into your workplace to help you achieve the results you need; either to work alongside your own in-house team and augment their skills, or to provide a full team of technicians for a particular project. We’re happy to be as flexible as your business needs.

Some examples of the consultancy we provide to our customers:

Systems auditing & management

It can often be difficult to keep track of what’s on your existing network, and where vulnerabilities might lie. We can audit and report on all aspects of your IT systems, helping to identify weaknesses, dangers and any potential upgrades. We give you the information you need – in plain English – to enable you to make the right decision for your business.

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Upgrade planning & deployment

If your existing systems – hardware, software or infrastructure – are becoming old and unfit for purpose, we can help you to plan for their replacement by speccing-up new systems, dealing with suppliers and vendors, and rolling out the new systems. We can manage the deployment end-to-end, to make sure there’s the minimum of disruption to your business.

System migrations

As your business changes and grows, it could make sense to move your critical systems from one platform to another, or to move your local applications to the cloud. We can offer advice on expertise on the best platforms to achieve the long-term aims of your business, and help to manage the transition seamlessly.

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Backup & disaster recovery

Staying up-and-running when the worst happens is not just about having a backup of your data – it needs more than that. Red Mosquito can ensure you have tailor-made policies and procedures in-place for when the unexpected happens. We look at everything, including external penetration testing, disaster recovery testing, compliance management… everything your business needs to stay vigilant and protected.

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