Office Relocation

Thursday, 31 May 2018


Moving house is stressful enough but an office move has the potential to cause serious disruption to your business operations; reducing productivity and damaging client relationships.

With good project management your staff can be firing on all power at 9am on the day of your move. Moving can be an exciting time and often comes about during a period of company growth where good customer relations and your ability to provide a quality service are key. RedMosquito have helped many of our managed services customers across Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout central Scotland to move premises. Here are our suggestions on how to make the move as seamless as possible:


  • Telephones

Moving your telephone system can often be one of the most time consuming aspects of a move and needs to be managed carefully. BT will likely complete this process and engineering time may need to be booked in months in advance. It may be a good time to consider the inevitable move to hosted telephony. Moving a hosted system is very simple and it may save a great deal of time and money to make the change part of your moving process. We provide hosted telephony services for our IT support customers. Our consultants can advise on whether this is a good move for your organisation and deal with procurement of suitable services. Once your phone lines are in place you can transfer broadband services and organise the reconfiguration of the router/gateway hardware to the new connection.


  • Hardware/Cabling/Wiring

A thorough analysis of needs can be a real time saver here as it will ensure staff all have the correct number of powers sources and telephone outlets for their work station. This simple task is often overlooked and can seriously impact productivity and send your well organised floor plan to the cutting room floor. It’s a good time to test existing cabling and invest in some cable trunking to accommodate and protect cables. The dangers of using outdated technology are well-known. An office move can be a good time to complete an audit of your hardware inventory and identify end of life products. There is little point in moving obsolete hardware which you will need to renew in the near future.


  • Data

It is imperative to make sure your data is backed up before you move as the risk of loss or damage is increased during the transition period. We can advise on best practise for data security during this period and we have a range of cloud hosted backup, business continuity and disaster recovery services available to suit any business requirements.


  • Email

Email migration will vary in complexity depending on your system. In any case all phones and mobile devices will need to be reconfigured with new settings and your DNS record might need to be updated. If you are using Office 365 the process should be straightforward however if you have a hosted IMAP or Exchange system you will need to closely monitor this process.


  • Physical relocation – moving day!

Logistically having all the desks, cabinets etc in place before your electronic equipment arrives will save time and stress. If you are ordering new office furniture, stay on top of your supplier’s delivery dates and ensure they arrive at least a few days before the moving day. If you are moving existing desks, then ensure they are arriving as early in the day as possible.
As with any move labelling and marking is key. Labelling all equipment including keyboards, mice etc will make unpacking a much smoother process and avoids squabbling about who the fancy keyboard belongs to. As with a house move, labelling boxes with the name of their new destination room will pay dividends.


  • Website and Social Media presence

Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms can be useful methods of communicating with your customers and partners during this period, as can your email signature. It helps to keep everyone informed on the day of your move and to explain short term delays in response times on the day of the move.


If you need advice on the technological concerns of an imminent office move then why don’t you get in touch with one of our technical consultants. Red Mosquito has been project managing and delivering office IT relocations since 1999 so we have the breadth and depth of experience your business requires to make it a seamless process.

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