Managed IT Support in Edinburgh


Managed IT Support in Edinburgh - Your IT support department in Edinburgh.

With 20 years in the business we have our IT support and managed services down to a fine art.

When you outsource your IT requirements to RedMosquito we take care of everything – from managing email servers, databases and network infrastructure, to IT support for individual workstations, laptops and mobile devices. Our managed IT support service gives you the IT Department you need, wherever you are.

RedMosquito have a trusted and expert network of local engineers in the Edinburgh area that will be available to meet any onsite demands as they arise. With fast broadband now the norm the vast majority of issues are dealt with by our helpdesk engineers but we know there is always a time and a place for a pair of hands onsite.

Red Mosquito serve a growing list of clients from Aberdeen to London and all areas in between. We utilise either our own skilled engineers or one of the many local engineers that we have a trusted relationship with in order to maintain our extremely high standards of customer satisfaction and retention.

IT Support in Edinburgh

Your IT services, your way.

RedMosquito’s services are designed to dove-tail with your IT requirements exactly. We become your IT department: working in the background to keep your systems online, secure and up-to-date. If you have an emergency, we are your incident response team. If you already have an IT team, we can provide them with additional resources and support.

And as your business grows, we’re here to make sure you have the right tools and technology for the future.

Round-the-clock monitoring

We monitor all the devices connected to your network: servers, individual workstations, connected devices… everything. This lets us detect and fix problems remotely before they cause bigger problems – we don’t sit around, waiting for you to report a problem to us.

24x7 monitoring.

Putting you in direct control of your service

Our online tools give you instant and direct updates on any problems you’ve reported. We’ll also agree an appropriate response time with you, so that we always respond quickly and effectively within a time to suit your business.

Online Support IT Services Edinburgh.

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Managed IT Services

Our suite of managed tools and services covers all the bases for your IT systems. Everything from mobile device and patch management to firewalls, content filtering and anti-spam, we work in the background keeping your systems up to date and secure allowing you to get on with running your business.

Providing strong security for your network and devices

Our comprehensive security software protects your network with a robust two-way firewall, preventing intruders from gaining access to your network. We also keep your team safe from spam, phishing, harmful web content and other online security threats.

Learn more about our security services

Installing the latest software and patches

Making sure all your software is up-to-date helps to protect your business from external threats, gives you access to the latest features and improves performance.

We take care of these updates remotely and outside of business hours, to keep your business running smoothly.

All your valuable data, safely backed-up

RedMosquito ensure that your valuable data is secure and backed-up at all times. This means that – should the unexpected happen – we can remotely restore your data and get you back up-and-running quickly.

Learn more about our business continuity and disaster recovery services

Keeping track of your mobile devices

RedMosquito makes it easy to keep your devices – and the critical data stored on them – secure, updated and set-up correctly, no matter where they are. And if a device should fall into the wrong hands, we can remotely remove any – or all – of the data it contains.

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