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We recommend a multi-layered approach to Cyber Security, here’s why:

New cyber security threats now appear daily.  So, an effective suite of IT security products is now an essential business IT requirement and no longer an optional extra. Businesses are using a range of devices and applications to share information but each of these bring vulnerabilities which can be exploited by cyber-criminals. To stay ahead of the game, you need a robust cyber security strategy which delivers several key essential services to ensure a multi-layered security approach.

RedMosquito can provide the managed security services you need to ensure your critical business data is protected 24/7.  We also ensure proper processes are in place to restore should disaster strike. With the following multi-layered IT services in place our IT Support customers in Glasgow and Edinburgh have peace of mind that their cyber-security provides a compliant, secure and efficient environment.

A multi-layered approach to cyber-security covers:
  • Patching

Patch management protects your system against low level cyber-attack.  It should be a core element of your IT security system. Software on computers and network devices have weaknesses which can be exploited by cyber criminals. Usually, when security flaws are uncovered patches are issued.  Interestingly, the high profile Wannacry and Petya attacks both exploited vulnerabilities which had been identified by Microsoft.  They had actually issued patches months prior to the attack. The impacted computers were those which were not patched.

  • Anti-virus and network monitoring

RedMosquito’s managed antivirus service helps to keep both known and emerging malware off workstations and servers. Managed antivirus not only stays up-to-date with the latest threats using traditional signature-based protection, but also allows RedMosquito to monitor your environment in real-time for any outbreak.

  • Spam filtering

One of the most common delivery methods used by attackers is via your company’s e-mail.  We recommend RedMosquito’s industrial strength spam filtering for your organisation. Our system will screen all your organisations inbound e-mail for threats and remove any malicious content before it even reaches your organisation.  It will hold anything it deems even slightly questionable, and only release when it has been told to do so.

  • Web content filtering

Internet browsing is a route for viruses and malware to enter your business network. Our customers use RedMosquito’s content filtering to block access non-work-related websites including social networking websites, gaming websites, auction websites etc. Content filtering blocks access to the websites that most likely may distribute malicious software, malicious programs or viruses that can have devastating effects on your network.

  • Back up and disaster recovery

A full-system backup protects data in the event of a disaster and provides a recovery option for catastrophic failures. Our cloud-based backup service is fully automated, completely secure and provides a robust off-site backup at a highly competitive cost. With our cloud backup and recovery solution installed, you can sleep soundly knowing that your data is stored off-site securely so, come what may you have the confidence to know that in the event of a disaster your company can be back up and running quickly.

  • Mobile device Management

Use of mobile devices in the workplace has soared in recent years. While this brings great productivity benefits it also introduces risk of theft, loss or cyber-security breach. Our mobile device management (MDM) service ensures your devices are secure, appropriately configured and optimised. We can track the device using GPS or do a partial or full wipe of the device if needed.


In addition to these multi-layered security services, we can also advise your organisation on how to progress towards the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.  This cyber security certification allows you to demonstrate that you have basic cyber security controls in place.

Contact us today for more information 0141 348 7950. We cover Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and throughout Scotland so professional IT Support and IT Security services are always on hand.

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