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Shop safely online with our tips

18 Dec 2019

With Christmas a week away and Boxing Day sales on the horizon it’s a great time to review some online shopping safety tips.    We all love the convenience of online shopping  but it does come with an element of risk. Online fraud cases over the Christmas period  have been rising  year on year with  over £10 million lost in the UK alone last year to around 15, 000 victims.  Surprisingly men aged 20-29 were most likely to fall victim to online fraud.  For the most part, shopping online is secure but it wise to take special precautions to make sure that your accounts are protected and finances are secure:

Here are our tips to make sure the cyber criminal Grinch doesn’t spoil Christmas:

    • Check payment pages are secure with https at the start of the web address along with the padlock symbol.  This will protect your connection – but it won’t protect you from who you connect with! So… 
    •  Check you are using an authentic website – stick with reputable online retailers who you know and trust 
    •   Do not make purchases on public wifi, while it may be tempting to do some shopping while on your lunch break, this puts your personal information including credit card details at risk 
    •  Use secure payment methods such as PayPal when buying on online auction sites and use a credit card (not debit card) to make online purchases as they offer more security  
    •  Social media adverts and messages are being increasingly utilised by criminals – never click on unsolicited messages 
    •  Avoid counterfeit goods – if an offer seems too good to be true then it likely is!  
    •  Never enter your PIN number online and develop strong password habits, not using the same password across sites 
    •  Whatever you buy, and wherever you buy it, closely examine your bank and Paypal statements for fraudulent transactions 

We hope you have a great Christmas and these tips help it be a safe one too!  

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