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10 reasons why you should outsource your IT Support

Getting it right on IT  Support can be a challenge for many SMEs.  Often their budget can only stretch to one or two IT Support staff members whose expertise will inevitably be limited by their restricted exposure to varying IT systems and new developments. Providing IT Support to SMEs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland is the bread and butter of RedMosquito’s work and has been for over 20 years.  Providing top quality IT Support and IT Security Services across a range of sectors and industries means we have built up expert level knowledge and unparalleled expertise.  We are confident that for many SMEs, outsourcing your IT will not only save you money but lead to significantly improved performance.  We have summarised below 10 key reasons we believe outsourcing your IT Support is one of the best decisions you could make.  It’s also worth noting that some of our IT Support customers in Glasgow & Edinburgh do operate a hybrid model of in-house IT support supplemented with out-scourced IT Support. Why don’t you contact us today if you would like to explore either of these options further.

1) Wave goodbye to hiring! –  You no longer need to worry about recruitment, retention, training and all the various HR and finance issues which each employee brings.  This alone will should save your team valuable time.

2) No need to worry about IT Support staff absences due to annual leave or sickness.  We’ve got you covered all year round, including the majority of public holidays.

3) Our IT Support Service Desk is available from 7am –6pm with extended hours available if you need it.  One of our IT Support Engineers is always just a call away and our SLAs mean you can be confident that we will deliver.

4) Our team work across sectors and industries and have unrivalled experience in IT systems and building solutions for customers.  In-house IT Support simply cannot harness the knowledge gained from this experience. We can put this knowledge to work for you – identifying solutions and advising on your IT strategy.

5) Procurement – we can identify the best IT solutions for your business and our buying power means we can secure you a competitive price.  We can configure all your devices before installing them at your premises.

6) 24/7 monitoring – our remote monitoring means we identify and fix IT problems before you notice them

7) Our accreditations such as Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 mean you can have peace of mind that your information is in safe hands and we can guide your organisation through these accreditation pathways if needed.  We can help ensure you stay compliant to any standards you adhere to, such as PCI.

8) Cyber security – multi –layered cyber-security is needed to keep your defences robust and effective.  Our security experts can advise on all aspects of cyber security including new developments such as Insider Threat Detection.

9) We deal with third party liaison on your behalf, creating one sole point of contact for all of your IT needs.

10) Communications – we provide a holistic range of IT services and can also take care of your telecoms.  We can ensure your systems are all compatible and most importantly – that they all work.

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