Some key features include

Security Auditing and Testing

Manage alerts for all of your devices and lines of business using a single, unified platform.

Cyber Essentials
Threat Hunting

Reduce noise with tier-1 support that only alerts you of real threats, and drill down for more details.

24/7 SOC Response
Log Ingestion

Ingest logs from Syslog and Windows® Event Logs while ensuring compliance, helping you enhance reporting and visualisations and gain more insight into your data.

Helpdesk Remediation
Threat Intel

We are better prepared to handle threats by accessing our community intel using our accredited credentials.

Threat Management

Enter, manage, and share your own threat indicators to have better control of your data and build your own threat intelligence repository. 


Gain a full view of your data whenever you need it, allowing you to build your own visualisations or choose from our pre-built reports.

The Benefits of Managed SIEM

Centralise the visibility and analysis of threats, leveraging cutting-edge threat intelligence.

 Formalise your security procedures
Multi-point threat detection that covers us and our clients

Our customers aren’t the only ones under attack by cyber criminals; attacks and breaches of MSPs are common news. We provide the same Managed SIEM protection to ourselves as we recommend for our clients.

Open new sources of revenue
Advanced security without the advanced price tag

Adding an advanced enterprise level security offering is daunting—staffing this internally would be a massive investment. Leveraging RedMosquito Managed SIEM means you can add security expertise without adding headcount. We partner with you, handling threat detection and monitoring across all sources.

Supply-chain security
Easy set-up; works with your existing security stack

Once you have completed the simple installation and setup process, certified analysts will begin monitoring your network. With RedMosquito Managed SIEM, we will have access to raw indicators of compromise, allowing our team to take immediate action and resolve any issues. Alternatively, your in-house team can utilise it as a window to observe the SOC's activities and engage when necessary.


RedMosquito Managed SIEM seamlessly integrates with your current endpoint protection and other security products - there is no requirement to purchase additional solutions or modify your existing setup.

Get recognition for your good practice
Managed detection with data transparency

RedMosquito Managed SIEM is a complete threat detection and response platform: intrusion detection (IDS), threat intelligence management (TIP), and event logging with next-gen SIEM.

Why RedMosquito Managed SIEM?

Q1. Why do I need SIEM?

SIEM solutions provide advanced capabilities for detecting and responding to threats that go beyond traditional antivirus (AV) software. While AV primarily focuses on preventing known malware, SIEM utilises behavioural analytics to identify sophisticated threats within a local network or across different companies, offering a comprehensive overview of endpoint activities. This enables faster incident response, continuous monitoring, and supports activities such as threat hunting and forensic analysis. Furthermore SIEM is backed with a 24/7 SOC to offer round the clock response.

Q2. How fast can SIEM be implemented?

When you partner with RedMosquito, our team of experts can quickly deliver 24/7 SOC backed SIEM capabilities in just one week.

Q3. How does SIEM help contain threats?

When a critical incident is detected, the SOC team takes immediate action, initiating their specialised incident containment process. This carefully designed procedure is aimed at quickly stopping the spread of threats in your environment by effectively isolating the danger, both at the network and host level.

Q4. How are security issues resolved?

Once a problem is identified, the round-the-clock SOC team diligently assesses the seriousness of the threat. Immediately, tickets are created for critical incidents, and the entire process from detection to response is seamlessly managed by the SOC. Not only does the SOC provide effective solutions, but it also ensures thorough validation that the threat has been successfully eliminated and will not reappear.

Get Enterprise Level protection at SME prices with RedMosquito Managed SIEM.

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