Managed Cyber Security Plans

RedMosquito collaborates with top-notch security providers to curate comprehensive cyber security plans that cater to the risk and compliance requirements of companies ranging from start-ups to established enterprises.

Monthly per userAnnual per user

Minimum Security Level

For Startups, from...



Suitable for small companies with low compliance requirements and higher risk tolerance.

  • Managed AntiVirus
  • Managed Web Security
  • Updates and Patch Management
  • Managed 2FA
  • Dark Web Scans
  • Minimum Security Support (8am - 6pm)

Business Security Level

For up to 10 employees, from...



Suitable for companies that have minor compliance needs and require a standard level of security.

As previous plan plus:

  • EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
  • Quarterly Risk Assessment
  • Business Security Support (8am - 6pm)

Enterprise Security Level

For larger organisations, from...



Suitable for larger organisations with need of enterprise levels of layered security allowing for stringent levels of compliance to meet the most exacting guidelines. 

As previous plan plus:

  • Managed SaaS

    Fully managed security monitoring and investigation of security incidents for Microsoft SaaS services such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure AD, and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Co-Managed SIEM

    SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Microsoft Defender - Business Plan

For MS Business Premium users

£11.95 /month

$100.25/ yearly

For those clients that gain access to advanced EDR tools via Business Premium.

  • Managed AntiVirus
  • Defender EDR
  • Managed Web Security
  • Updates and Patch Management
  • Managed 2FA
  • Dark Web Scans
  • Quarterly Risk Assessment
  • Business Security Support (8am - 6pm)

Microsoft Defender - Professional Plan

For MS Business Premium users

£15.95 /month

$100.25/ yearly

For clients using Microsoft Business Premium and requiring 24/7 SOC backed support.

As MS Defender Business Plan plus:

  • Email Security
  • MDR (Managed Detection and Response)
  • 24/7 SOC Backed Response
  • Professional Security Support (24/7)

Protecting your devices and assets is our commitment.

Your employees require the ability to access the applications and data they need, whether at the office or remotely. At the same time, it is essential to ensure that data remains secure and accessible only to authorised individuals.

With our comprehensive Managed Cyber  Security plans, we provide an ongoing service that proactively and effectively manages cybersecurity. Our multi-layered approach offers peace of mind, knowing that your data is being safeguarded in the most appropriate manner suitable to your needs.

Managed Cyber Security Packages FAQ

Q1. What will be the cost for my business?

At RedMosquito, we believe in providing a personalised experience for each of our cyber packages, tailored to fit the unique size of your network. Our pricing structures are designed to be straightforward and transparent, with the number of assets in your environment serving as the basis for determining the cost.

Q2. How is pricing calculated?

Final price is based on the total number of assets that require protection. For EDR / MDR solutions these will be desktops, laptops and servers.

Q3. What is the contract length?

For RedMosquito's Managed Cyber Security Packages the minimum contract length is 12 months. 

Q4. Will the onboarding of Cyber Security services be pain free?

RedMosquito is recognised as one of the leading MSSP's in the country. We have built a strong reputation for providing exceptional customer service and going the extra mile to support the growth and success of businesses. You can trust that we will successfully implement your security package without any unnecessary pain or hassle.

With our ISO27001 accreditation, you can trust that the implementation of the RedMosquito Managed Cyber Security Packages will be executed using proven and reliable procedures.



RedMosquito, as one of the UKs leading MSSPs, are here to enable your organisation meet its security and compliance goals.

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