How MDR will keep you protected.

Security Auditing and Testing
24/7 SOC Team

Our elite SOC team diligently monitors any signs of suspicious or malicious activity, even keeping a close eye on the most sophisticated and persistent threats.

Cyber Essentials
24/7 Threat Detection

24/7 Vigilance: When a threat is discovered on an endpoint, an immediate alert is dispatched to promptly notify our vigilant SOC team.

24/7 SOC Response
24/7 SOC Response

The team strategically determines the optimal path forward, often selecting between containment or escalation as the most effective approach.

Helpdesk Remediation
Helpdesk Remediation

The SOC team actively collaborates with the service desk to guarantee comprehensive and efficient resolution of the incident.

The Benefits of Managed Cyber Security

Our Managed Cyber services bolster and safeguard your organisation's security, providing comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

 Formalise your security procedures
Enhancing safeguard against threats and enhancing visibility

RedMosquito's EDR service leverages cutting-edge endpoint telemetry to amplify threat detection and broaden protection against memory-resident malware, policy breaches, command and control operations, and other sophisticated attack tactics.

Open new sources of revenue
Empowers proactive threat detection

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our MDR specialists, we utilize their in-depth understanding of the latest tactics used by cybercriminals to create customized watchlists. These watchlists are carefully crafted to identify emerging threats that frequently evade detection by traditional endpoint solutions.

Supply-chain security
Speeding up the response to cyber threats

Our team of friendly security experts is here to provide practical advice and guidance on how to effectively respond to incidents. When critical situations arise, we utilise automated incident response playbooks to promptly contain and disrupt attacks, ensuring they do not escalate any further.

Get recognition for your good practice
Relieves the burden on internal teams

Our SOC experts analyse, prioritise, and communicate only the MDR alerts that truly demand attention. By doing so, they relieve the strain on your in-house security team and allow them to concentrate on incident response and other essential aspects of security management.

Why RedMosquito Managed Detection and Response?

Q1. Why do I need MDR?

MDR solutions provide advanced capabilities for detecting and responding to threats that go beyond traditional antivirus (AV) software. While AV primarily focuses on preventing known malware, MDR utilises behavioural analytics to identify sophisticated threats within a local network or across different companies, offering a comprehensive overview of endpoint activities. This enables faster incident response, continuous monitoring, and supports activities such as threat hunting and forensic analysis. Furthermore MDR is backed with a 24/7 SOC to offer round the clock response.

Q2. How fast can MDR be implemented?

When you partner with RedMosquito, our team of experts can quickly deliver 24/7 SOC backed MDR capabilities in just one week.

Q3. How does MDR help contain threats?

When a critical incident is detected, the SOC team takes immediate action, initiating their specialised incident containment process. This carefully designed procedure is aimed at quickly stopping the spread of threats in your environment by effectively isolating the danger, both at the network and host level.

Q4. How are security issues resolved?

Once a problem is identified, the round-the-clock SOC team diligently assesses the seriousness of the threat. Immediately, tickets are created for critical incidents, and the entire process from detection to response is seamlessly managed by the SOC. Not only does the SOC provide effective solutions, but it also ensures thorough validation that the threat has been successfully eliminated and will not reappear.

Protect your business and your data with a SOC backed MDR service.

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