What is Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced Risk Analytics
Advanced Risk Analytics

Our cutting-edge risk analytics security technology goes beyond just analysing endpoints, delving into human behaviour as well. Through continuous evaluation of your organizational risk using a multitude of factors, we are able to identify, prioritise, and offer expert guidance on mitigating risks related to users, networks, and endpoints.

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Industry-leading threat detection

Our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions are designed to swiftly identify and counter advanced threats, such as fileless attacks, ransomware, and other zero-day threats, in real-time. With our state-of-the-art threat analytics and cloud-based event collector, your endpoints are continuously monitored, allowing us to prioritise security events and create a comprehensive list of incidents for thorough investigation and immediate response.

 Auditing and analysing your current systems
Cross-Endpoint Detection and Response

Introducing an advanced cybersecurity solution capable of monitoring and analysing attacks across a network's multiple devices, such as workstations, servers, and containers running different operating systems. By carefully examining data from all these endpoints, we can uncover hidden patterns and indicators of a cyberattack that may have gone unnoticed when focusing solely on individual devices.

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Visualisation at the Organisation Level

Our comprehensive visuals display adversary actions in an easy-to-understand format, enriched with context and threat intelligence. These visuals highlight critical attack paths, making it easier for IT staff to manage their workload. By identifying gaps in security and understanding the impact of incidents, our solution also helps support compliance efforts.

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Streamlined Investigation and Response

RedMosquito EDR tools offer innovative and user-friendly visuals that provide a comprehensive understanding of attack paths and reveal vulnerabilities in security measures. These visuals enhance the efficiency of investigation and response, alleviating the workload on IT staff.

 Documenting the new policies and procedures implemened to allow you to demonstrate compliance.
Efficient Reporting and Alerting

Configurable dashboards, email notifications, and comprehensive reporting capabilities are available for both instant and scheduled reports, all conveniently managed from a centralised console. This efficient solution helps save valuable time and effort.

RedMosquito EDR; the evolution of endpoint protection

Best-in-class Endpoint Protection
Best-in-class Endpoint Protection

RedMosquito EDR brings together a comprehensive range of security technologies that have been extensively tested and proven to be highly effective against advanced persistent threats. It is designed to block the majority of attacks before they can even execute.

Supply-chain security
Investigation and Response with a Focus

Organisational-level incident visualisations empower you to respond effectively, restrict lateral spread, and halt ongoing attacks.

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Optimal Performance

Effortless to implement and with minimal resource usage, RedMosquito EDR solutions guarantee unparalleled safeguarding with minimal exertion. Streamline incident response time and enhance productivity.

Why RedMosquito Managed EDR?

Q1. Why do I need Managed EDR services?

EDR solutions provide advanced capabilities for detecting and responding to threats that go beyond traditional antivirus (AV) software. While AV primarily focuses on preventing known malware, EDR utilizes behavioural analytics to identify sophisticated threats within a local network or across different companies, offering a comprehensive overview of endpoint activities. This enables faster incident response, continuous monitoring, and supports activities such as threat hunting and forensic analysis. By combining EDR and AV, organizations can establish a multi-layered defence strategy that adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape.

Q2. Can the solution be deployed quickly?

When you partner with RedMosquito, our team of experts can quickly deliver top-tier EDR capabilities in just one week.

Q3. Are the security analysts properly qualified?

The team of security engineers who will be analysing your EDR solution have obtained multiple certifications from reputable organizations such as the NCSC, CREST, SANS, and ASSURE.

Q4. How will the solution support our security goals?

By understanding the objectives and goals of your organisation, RedMosquito's Managed Cyber solutions are customised to deliver specific results, such as enabling digital transformation or acquiring advanced security capabilities like ISO27001 or Cyber Essentials Plus.

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