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5 signs your business is at risk of a cyber attack

Cyber criminals pose a threat to organisations of all sizes.  This short article outlines 5 key signs that your organisation is at risk of a cyber attack.   The National Cyber Security Centre’s report on 2019 breaches for micro to small businesses makes sobering reading.  It states that while 31% of micro/SMEs have identified breaches and attacks only 32% have cyber security policies in place.  Interestingly, while 77% believed their staff have the necessary cyber-security skills and knowledge only 26% have sent their staff on cyber security training this year.  Ignoring the threat is like leaving the front door unlocked so anyone can walk in.  As an IT Support provider we are well aware of problems which expose your system to attack.  Here’s our summary of 5 major risk factors which will place your business at risk:

  •  Using old operating systems

Businesses continuing to use outdated technology .  After ‘end of life’ or ‘end of support’ dates, vendors like Microsoft stop issuing security patches.  Failing to replace operating systems at this time will leave your systems exposed.  In January 2020 Microsoft’s popular operating system Windows 7 reaches end of support.  Yet it continues to be one of the most popular OS worldwide, having 38% market share in June 2019.   These machines will soon become a target for cyber criminals.

  • Remote working or working from mobile devices

Modern working practises mean most businesses have workers who are use mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets) to work remotely.  While these practises are great for efficiency, they do bring increase cyber security risk.  Your business should consider how it manages the risk brought by mobile devices, including BYOD.

  • Is your data backed up regularly and remotely?

If you are not securely backing up company information, you are increasing the risk of an IT disaster.  Cyber criminals attacks often rely on their victim not having backed up their data.  This means they are desperate to retrieve information.   Your business data should be protected from cyber-attacks but also natural disasters or equipment failure.  A secure back up is now a business necessity.

  • Human error

Your staff are your first line of defence against cyber-attacks but they can also be your weakest link.  Regular cybersecurity training is key to creating a well-informed team who are aware of the common threats. With human error such as clicking on a malicious link or opening an infected attachment being a targeted route into your business, cyber security training is key.

  • Cyber security strategy

Lack of engagement with cyber security risks at leadership level.  Investment of time and money money is needed to create cyber risk assessment and a strategy for dealing with the ever growing threats.  Turning a blind eye to the risks will end in disaster costing valuable time and money to restore data.

 As an IT Support provider, RedMosquito can help your business address all of these risks.  Our team of engineers work to defend your network and help you leverage technological advances for your business.  We can provider affordable solutions that work for your business.  If you would like to have a chat with one of our Technical Consultants about how we can help you,  then contact us today.

RedMosquito provides IT Support and IT Security services to SMEs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.





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