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Step up Your Endpoint Protection with EDR and MDR

29 Nov 2023

Antivirus software is a fundamental piece of any quality cybersecurity program, but with the rapid evolution of malware and other cyberthreats, it no longer offers strong enough protection on its own. For comprehensive endpoint protection, consider building up your offerings with additional cybersecurity solutions. You might consider either Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) or Managed Detection & Response (MDR), or both.

In this blog we take a look in more detail at the distinct features of both of these technologies.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

MDR is a cybersecurity solution designed to provide security monitoring and management across an organization’s entire IT infrastructure. MDR providers offer comprehensive security as a service, providing all of the tools, personnel, and expertise that an organization requires to protect itself against cyber threats. MDR provides 24/7/365 monitoring by a team of specialist staff.

  • Pairs EDR solutions with a security operations center (SOC) 
    and your in-house cybersecurity team
  • Evaluates and mitigates the impact of cyberattacks quickly 
    and effectively
  • Collects data from multiple sources such as logs, events, 
    and activities
  • Uses analytics and machine learning to detect and respond 
    to threats in real-time
  • Offers 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response, 
    eliminating the need for staffing weekends and holidays 
    when attacks are more likely to strike

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

EDR solutions, on the other hand, integrate multiple layers of threat prevention, detection, and response into a single solution. EDR solutions work by leveraging increased visibility into an endpoint to more effectively detect potential threats. Key capabilities of an EDR solution include endpoint protection, log aggregation, machine learning, and analyst support.

  • Monitors the behaviour of all the applications on an endpoint or network device.
  • Detects suspicious activity that antivirus may have 
    missed, which could signal a cyberattack is occurring.
  • Offers advanced analytics and machine learning 
    capabilities that improve detection accuracy.
  • Uses the Cloud.


  • Prevents, detects, and removes malware
  • Can be set to run daily malware scans in 
    the background without interrupting end 
    user workflows
  • No longer sufficient against new and 
    unknown malware threats

Implementing EDR and MDR solutions. in addition to antivirus, is recommended for comprehensive endpoint protection. To learn 
more about how RedMosquito can help fortify your cybersecurity offerings call us on 0141 348 7950 to talk to a specialist.

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