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Dual Monitors: is 2 better than 1?

Managers looking for ways to help their team improve efficiency would do well to consider all options. Moving users to a dual monitors set up is one. While it can seem counter intuitive at first, there are many advantages of this set up. We have noticed an increasing number of our IT Support customers throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh upgrading to this system. Prices of monitors have plummeted over the past 10 years, so this relatively low cost improvement can boost morale and increase productivity. This can help your team achieve more in less time.

Some of the advantages our IT Support customers have noticed are:

  • Digital clutter
    Modern working usually requires workers to keep on top of several different IT systems – email, SharePoint, CRM, databases, Skype, Slack, the list goes on and on. A second screen helps organise this digital workload and create a less chaotic digital working environment.
  • Productivity
    With 2 or more monitors, users can navigate between IT applications easily and view linked information simultaneously, without alt-tabbing their way around their desktop. It creates ease for comparison between different IT programs, writing emails while referring to databases and many more tasks.
  • Collaboration
    Use of Skype (or other teleconferencing tools) as a collaboration tool is a smoother process with two screens. Users can make data visible to their colleagues on one screen while video chatting on another.
  • Data Sharing and Meetings
    Multiple monitors can be adjusted to share information at a different angle with a smaller group or a larger group.
  • Go vertical
    For some applications rotating a monitor, 90 degrees and can reap massive benefits. Dual monitors allow one to be set up this way, again increasing ease of use.

In some cases, the only bad thing about 2 monitors… that you don’t have 3 monitors. Bill Gates has described his three-monitor set up – the screen on the left is email, middle screen is what he is working on and right screen is a browser. Whether you decide to move to 2, 3 or more monitors, RedMosquito can guide you through the process, dealing with procurement, installation and configuration.

RedMosquito provides IT Support and IT Security services to SMEs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. Why don’t you contact us today to have a chat about your options?


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