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In-house or outsourced IT Support?

IT Support is critical to the day-to-day running of most businesses today. Some kind of IT Support resource is now an essential expenditure and businesses often decide between an internal IT Department or using outsourced IT Support. There is, however, a third option of a hybrid model with partially outsourced IT Support, supporting and complementing an internal IT team. 

As IT Support providers, RedMosquito have a range of highly skilled, qualified and trained IT Engineers within our team. Your internal IT department can tap into their expertise and knowledge to help with a range of challenges. This model provides your IT Manager with access to a team of talented professionals, enterprise level monitoring tools & security services and can reap great benefits in financial savings for your business.

Some of the key benefits of using this hybrid model of outsourced IT Support are:

  • Access to extra manpower, when you need it, will help your IT Manager ease congestion and manage changing workloads. Additional support can help cover downtime during annual leave, sickness and periods of recruitment and training.
  • Access to senior level technical expertise. Our Technical Consultants work with businesses across a range of industries. They have expert level knowledge of IT products and can help your IT Manager plan and implement large scale IT projects. Their expertise can help with planning, procurement and managing project delivery.
  • Access enterprise level cybersecurity services, network support, back up and business continuity services.
  • While many IT Support tasks can be completed remotely, sometimes on-site visits are needed. Outsourced IT Support can help with those services with your business locations across the country.
  • Financial savings – generally outsourced IT Support is more cost effective than an in-house IT support team. You can expect to pay a fixed monthly per device fee which offers substantially savings as an alternative to expanding your IT team.

If you would like to explore this option, further then please contact us today to have chat with one of our Technical Consultants. They can help guide you through the IT Support options for your business.

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NCSC urges UK businesses to bolster cyber defences in response to events in Ukraine

In reaction to the situation in Ukraine, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) are urging organisations in the UK to ensure their cyber defences are bolstered.  Their recent press release advises businesses to follow guidance regarding the steps to take when the cyber threat is raised. Whilst there is no need to be alarmed, we […]

02 Mar 2022

Email security: Microsoft blocks billions of emails

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Azure Fundamentals success!

Congratulations to Ben, our newest recruit, who has added the Azure Fundamentals course to the collection of courses he has passed since joining RedMosquito.  Our Operations Director, Ricky, has presented Ben with some bubbly to toast his success! All of our engineers have Personal Development Plans in place, where they work through courses to develop […]