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Insider Threat Detection

One of the National Cyber Security Centre’s recent Weekly Threat Reports details the damage inflicted on a PPE company by a disgruntled ex-employee.  Interestingly, the departing Vice President managed to embark on his campaign of destruction even though the employer had followed good IT protocols for dealing with leavers. The employer had revoked the employees access to their company IT accounts. Yet the ex-employee still managed to damage over 100,000 company records after leaving.  Insider Threat Detection would likely have prevented this attack.

The ex-employee was successful as he created fake staff accounts before leaving the company. The PPE company rescinded access to his legitimate accounts and did not identify that fake accounts had been set up. This enabled the ex-employee to wreck havoc on their systems without being identified.

What could your company do to avoid such an attack? Insider Threat Detection services can prevent attacks like this by current and former employees. Harnessing artificial intelligence techniques they learn the typical behaviour patterns of your team. Any unusual behaviours are identified quickly.  Employers are warned of potential threats and this should prevent against data loss. Insider Threat Detection services can be a fantastic tool in your multi-layered cyber security defence. They can track where your data is going including uploads and downloads. The insider threat should not be ignored, not least because of the reputational and/or compliance implications of loss or damage to your data. These IT services are particularly suited to industries which require sensitive or intellectual property data to be stored on their network. We provide Insider Threat services to some of our IT Support customers in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our Technical Consultants can advise you on how these services can work for you. If you would like to talk over how Insider Threat services can fit into your IT Support package then contact us today.

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27 Sep 2021

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