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Hardware & Software Procurement

Specifying and sourcing the right IT kit and comparing costs across suppliers can be a confusing and time consuming process. Let Red Mosquito take care of all of your IT procurement requirements saving you time and money.

Red Mosquito are experts in IT procurement.  Our team of consultants will work with you to establish exactly what your business needs and provide solutions which will lower costs and increase functionality. We can specify, source and purchase the right kit at the right price taking the hassle and responsibility of purchasing away from you. Our consultants work with a range of trusted suppliers and know how to integrate suitable equipment from the top vendors to create robust and reliable infrastructure. We use our purchasing power with the big distributors and partnership companies such as Dell, Microsoft and HP to ensure we get the best deal for our customers. A range of hardware systems, including hosted telephony (VOIP) systems are available, so we can be a one-stop solution for all your technology needs.

As part of our procurement service, we configure and install your new equipment.  Also, we ensure that security features are in place and that each device fits seamlessly into your infrastructure. So, your team can access expert training and guidance on how to get the most leverage out of your new investment.

Hardware Roadmap

We can provide an analysis of your current IT systems.    We advise on when you should be replacing equipment to ensure peak performance and reduce downtime. Use of outdated technology can impact productivity and create security risks. This reporting allows you to plan your IT budget over the coming years and is a standard feature for our IT support customers across Glasgow, Edinburgh and central Scotland. When you decide to upgrade we can advise on which new technology best meets your needs.

Office moves

Red Mosquito Ltd have helped many of our customers move offices over the years. We can work with you through this process helping you deal with many of the practical issues and liaise with providers, such as your ISP, to ensure the move progresses as smoothly as possible. There are many issues to consider including the number of network points, cabling, location of servers etc. Our consultants know which issues need to be addressed and we can take this off your hands.

For a no obligation discussion on your current or future hardware needs, contact us today.

Red Mosquito Ltd provide IT support in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. 

IT Support Glasgow

Microsoft Warning on Astaroth Malware

Microsoft has recently issued a security  warning.  Their Windows Defender ATP team have discovered hackers are distributing Astaroth malware using fileless techniques.  This makes Astaroth very difficult to detect as traditional anti-malware or anti-virus software tools search for infected files.  So, they would not catch Astaroth, simply because it does not infect files.    Astaroth malware […]

internet of things

Internet of Things and the Cyber Security risks they bring..

The term Internet of Things (IoT) relates to the growing network of physical devices, which connect via the internet to offer new functions and ways of using traditional objects.  Of course,  all while gathering data on users behaviour.  IoT has transformational possibilities with devices increasingly communicating with each other without the need for human interaction. A […]

microsoft logo windows 2008

Windows 7 End of Support – may put your business at risk

Windows 7 was one of Microsoft’s most popular operating systems and many of us are still depending on it on a daily basis.  It’s estimated that  around one third of the world’s PCs and laptops are still using this system.  A significant challenge lies ahead for businesses throughout Scotland as Microsoft extended support for this […]