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IT Support or Managed IT Services?

Outsourcing IT Support Services is a wise move for SMEs.  There are numerous IT Support providers covering the Glasgow, Edinburgh and central Scotland areas and they all package their services in different ways.  At RedMosquito we provide a wealth of products and support to meet the needs of our SME IT customers.  Broadly speaking our IT Services divide into IT Support and Managed IT Services.  We work with each customer to create an individual package of services which meets their needs, often pulling in elements of both IT Support and Managed Services.  Below we give a brief overview of what each offers:

What is IT Support?

IT Support refers to technical support and assistance with computers and other IT products.  The support is provided by our team of talented IT Support Engineers working on our IT Support Glasgow based Service Desk.

  • Your team can phone or email our IT Support Service Desk for support with a range of IT issues.
  • IT Support is provided within business hours Mon – Fri, although extended support packages are available
  • The majority of IT issues are fixed remotely however site visits are arranged when required
  • IT Support is unlimited and costed on a per user per device basis
  • IT Support is generally focused on hardware and software diagnosis and repair

IT Support also covers consultancy on new IT projects and upgrades, along with procurement and configuration of new equipment.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services typically supplement IT Support Services.  These aspects of the service  often operate 24/7 and our customers select those which they need:

  • Network monitoring – we constantly scan your network (firewall, routers, servers) for faults. We see problems before they impact your productivity.
  • Connectivity – ensuring your team can connect to the Internet and VPNs
  • Microsoft Services – including Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Business Voice
  • BCDR – Business continuity and disaster recovery, manged back ups of your business data
  • Telecoms – managing your VOIP or business mobile services
  • Email signatures – configuring and managing your business email signatures
  • Cyber security – a range of products from patch management, anti virus and malware protection to more complex Insider Threat Detection
  • Spam-filtering – stopping malicious emails reaching your team.

Do you need IT Support or Managed Services in Glasgow or Edinburgh areas?

We work with customers to identify the services which their business needs.  Most of our customers have IT Support services in place which are supplemented by key Managed Services to address a specific need.  We meet with our customers regularly to review their services and adapt them if necessary.  Why don’t you have contact us today for a chat about how we can help you?

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